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About Us

Who we are:

AOPL, provides end to end solutions from Inception to delivery or individual ala-carte Hardware like RFID Tags , RFID Readers , Antennas , Encapsulation services , Consultancy , Site Surveys , Tender and Third Party Audit Services. We headquartered in Bangalore with having 40+ footprints throughout PAN India location.
AOPL, provides RFID technology based services, be it designing, developing softwares, and integrating the whole RFID technology based setup and provide solutions to Organizations in retail, defense, transportation, healthcare, academic institutions and other industries to employ RFID technology to bring new efficiencies to supply chains, track assets, ensure product quality and consumer safety, protect the integrity of brands, promote security and more. We work towards promoting a smart and intelligent business enterprise.


Core Values are part of company’s DNA. They define what an organization stands for, highlighting an expected and ultimate set of behaviours and skills.

Customer first

We are driven by the desire to identify, understand and satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers. As a technology solutions we play a vital role in our customer’s success. We take this faith placed in us seriously and provide them with superior values through our global presence and commitment to quality.


we understand the importance of innovation and agility in today’s fast changing world. We are committed to the success of our customer.

Great Leadership

We understand the competitive advantages that technology brings to our customers, we help our customers stay ahead of the curve by co creating innovative solutions.


The best solutions come from working together with both colleagues and clients. At AOPL we believe in fostering and driving a spirit of collaboration and partnership with our customers, employees and business partners.