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RFID Asset Management

RFID Asset Management

In any large organisation like hospitals managing its assets especially costly equipments is indeed a tough job. Many a times incidents of misplaced, stolen and lost inventories are being reported regularly which hampers the everyday work of a hospital. There are many ways by which a healthcare sector’s asset management process can be improved. The considerable configurations include: passive rfid with mobile readers, passive rfid with fixed readers, active rfid, etc.

We can get some benefits by moving to passive rfid system with a mobile reader. It identifies assets slightly faster, and potentially less instructive.

Selecting a fixed mount reader with passive rfid reduces the effort for identifying assets. With the help of this we can track assets in a continuous way without human intervention.

Active rfid tags yields further significant benefits. With the help of this system we will be able to monitor assets over a large area.

By means of this system we can lower inventory expenses, shorten equipment search times, prevent theft, and improve patient serving.

There are many companies working on rfid asset management in healthcare sector. One of the most well known brands is AOPL. They are delivering robust rfid asset management technologies throughout the globe.