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RFID Campus Management

RFID Campus Management Solution

The key to success of any educational institution is proper management and robust infrastructure. One of the most important aspects of any successful organization is its well managed and disciplined campus. Managing the campus of any organization is indeed a very difficult job. Monitoring the inflow of students and teachers is one of the key ingredients of campus management system.

Different organization uses different tactics to keep a track of attendances of each of the teachers and students. One of the most innovative ways that is adopted by many institutions to streamline their attendance system is RFID campus management solution.

In this type of solutions the teachers, students and the other employees are fed with RFID enabled tags or cards. This tags or cards are loaded with all relevant information. Also, RFID readers are placed at the entry and exit gates of the organization. Thus whenever, an individual leaves or enters the organization, he or she have to place their cards upon the readers. This will help the RFID readers to record the data in the card and store the information in the database. As this entire process does not involve the manual interaction, the chances of occurrence of errors in minimized. In this way by using RFID technology, a well disciplined campus can be maintained.