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RFID Library Management System

Library Management Solution

Library is a place where all kinds of books for educational purposes are stored. In an education system, libraries are a very important place. Students come to relax or take notes for their academic reference purposes. Mishandling/stealing of books would cost a lot to the management and the administrative department.

RFID for Library Management

Unlike RF (Radio Frequency) and EM (Electro-Mechanical) systems, which have been used for decades in all libraries in the past, are now being replaced by Radio Frequency Identification technology. Radio frequency Identification is the new age technology that helps keep anappropriate and accurate tracking system with a combination of security as well. All of the books become traceable through this.

RFID Library Management Solution will help keep the whole process of tracking and accountability of library assets in an easier and effortless manner. The tags attached to the shelves or books will help keep the count of the number of books. It will also help in tracking who has delayed in returning the books used for a period of time. The installation charges are very low and so is the maintenance of this technology.

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