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RFID Supply Usage Tracking

RFID Supply Usage Tracking

The number of adoption of rfid technology by hospitals or healthcare sectors is very poor. The concept of using rfid system indicates to use resources more effectively. Healthcare staffs need to spend less time searching for instruments and medicines. Healthcare sectors also need to buy same things over and over due to theft or loss of instruments by their staffs. As a result, day by day healthcare expenditure is getting higher.

The rfid tracking is helpful to nurses to identify patients quickly, and to give them corresponding medicines. Using this technology, a healthcare administration can provide automated medication system. It can verify patient’s medication doses and use that information to generate corresponding medications.

Patient’s safety can be expressed by reducing medical errors. Rfid can be used in very potential for reducing medical errors and nurse workload very efficiently. Supply to use ratio of medication is very sensitive to errors. Rfid can prevent human error of medication, supply of medication.

AOPL is working on rfid supply tracing system with ease. They are working successfully in healthcare sectors with this technology.