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In this era of science and technology, everyday new innovations and inventions take place. Scientists across the globe are always in pursuit to utilize the different theories of science for the upliftment of human life style. So far innumerable scientific inventions have taken place which has brought about remarkable changes in the present day life style. One of most widely used innovation of modern science and technology is RFID. The full form of the term RFID is the radio frequency identification. In this technology the attributes of electromagnetic field are used to track the position of any object which is attached with an RFID tags. Since they have the capability to store large number of product information, they are widely used as a replacement of traditional barcodes.


Of late it has been observed that there has been a tremendous growth in demand of RFID technology in the market. They are widely being used in retail and manufacturing sector to keep a track of all the products. Observing the spectacular demand of such technology in the market, the brand AOPL started operating.  With an expert and experienced team to support and high quality of services, the brand AOPL has already earned much popularity in the market. Some of the key solutions provided by the company are:

RFID Tracking system: This is one of the most important and popular solution provided by AOPL. In this system, RFID tags are being provided. These tags are fitted with sensors. By means of this a user can very easily track the position of the products. This will thereby help to generate real time data of any product as per requirement.

RFID solutions for controlling the movement of vehicles: This is yet another very important solution provided by AOPL. It helps to keep a track of the vehicle movement as well as check the entry of any unregistered vehicles at the entry and exit gate.

RFID solution for solid waste management: The RFID solutions provided by the AOPL for solid waste management help to operate the entire waste management system in a simple and hassle free manner.