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AOPL offers you a multitude of cost effective and high quality RFID products. AOPL products includes RFID tags, RFID readers, and related training and professional services.

RFID is one of the latest boons of science and technology. Since its inception, it has made wide spread influence on various sectors of human lives. It has contributed largely in manufacturing plants, retail sectors and many more. They are generally used in tracking system of any business entities.


The term RFID stands for radio frequency detection. Under this innovative technology, the electromagnetic fields are utilized to track the position of any object which contains a RFID tags in it. Due to this attribute, they are also being used in lieu of barcodes. Since they have the capacity to contain more product information than a traditional barcode, the popularity of such tags is increasing in leaps and bounds.

Sensing the tremendous demand   of this booming technology in the market, the AOPL started working.  What makes the brand unique is its wide range of products offered by it. Manufactured and designed by expert professionals, the products of AOPL have already made a mark in the market. Another striking feature of the brand is that all the products are available in reasonable rate which makes it a brand which can be availed by one and all.

Some of the most popular products that the brand AOPL deals with are as follows:

RFID Tags: This is one of most popular product manufacture by AOPL.  We offer tags in all frequency levels i.e the low frequency level( LF), high frequency level ( HF) and ultra high frequency levels (UHF).  Buyers can choose any of them as per their requirements.

RFID Printers:  People can now enjoy high level printing experience with the all new RFID printers manufacture by the brand AOPL. Due to their high level performance, these printers have become very popular within a very short span of time.

RFID Antennas:  The high quality performance of the RFID antennas has made them a popular choice. This product from the house of AOPL is best known for its unique capability to catch signals in a precise manner.