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RFID Inventory Intelligence

RFID Inventory intelligence

One of the huge challenges that the retail industry faces is to retain the goodwill of its loyal customers. This is possible only when the retail entity has clear stock record. In order to achieve this, manufacturer employs huge manpower to streamline the entire work structure of a retail brand. But we all know that manual work consumes lots of time and there is every possibility of occurrence of errors. Also, in a retail business a manufacturer cannot afford to make a single mistake in its reports as it may give rise to huge losses in the future.

In order to remove all these issues, the employment of innovative technologies is a must. RFID or radio frequency identification is one such very innovative technology that is commonly used by the manufactures. The striking feature of this technology is that it uses the benefits of electromagnetic fields to track the position of any finished product.

The three benefits of using RFID inventory intelligence are:

  • Growth in Revenue: A systematic stock record helps always helps to maintain adequate material stock which helps to satisfy its customers always thereby gaining more revenue.
  • Reduction in Cost: Employing RFID technology reduces the requirement of manpower which ultimately reduces the cost.
  • Better planning of resources: Clear visibility of stock report helps to plan the resources as per the requirement of the market.

In the market, various RFID solution provider companies are available. One of the most reputed RFID brands available in the market is the AOPL. The company is best known for its cutting edge RFID inventory intelligence solutions.