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RFID IOT Connector for SAP Hybris

RFID IOT Connector for SAP Hybris

The success of any retail sector depends entirely on its planning and monitoring sector. In this sector one of the most important functions is to maintain proper record of inventory count. Without the availability of this data, the proper monitoring and planning in retail sector is not possible.

RFID or radio frequency identification is one of the most innovative methods used in retail sector to keep a track of the inventory. In this technology, the features of electrometric field are used to identify the position of any good which has a RFID tag attached to it. AOPL is one of the reputed brands in the market which offers world class RFID solutions.

In order to improve the overall performance of this entire retail sector IOT connector for SAP hybris has been introduced. In this new arrangement RFID infrastructure is integrated with the SAP hybris commerce solution to ensure the smooth functioning of the retail sector.

Key Benefits:

  • Facilitates online and offline store fulfillment.
  • Helps to formulate perfect business solutions.
  • Helps to take superior quality decisions for order-routing.
  • Helps to achieve lower markdowns.