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RFID Vehicle Identification Solution

RFID Vehicle Identification Solution

Radio frequency identification or RFID technology is one of most popular technical advancements in the market today. They are widely used in diverse area of applications. The most distinguishing feature of this type of technology is that it uses the properties of an electromagnetic field to locate the position of any object which have a RFID tag fitted with it.

Everybody is well aware of the fact that controlling traffic is a huge task especially in big cities. In manufacturing plants and in Weigh Bridge also keep a track of all vehicles is very important. In this regard RFID technology plays a very significant role.

Under this technology, RFID tags with sensors are installed in each of the vehicles and RFID tag detectors are placed in important locations like at the entry and exit gates, traffic points, weigh brides etc. Whenever a RFID vehicles approaches, the detectors can sense the vehicle even if the vehicle is running at a high speed.

The two key benefits of RFID Vehicle identification solution are as follows:

  • Traffic Management: In big cities, there is a certain specified speed limit. By using this technology, a concerned official can easily trace the high speeding vehicle and take the required necessary steps. Apart from this, RFID technology can monitor the movement of vehicles very efficiently.
  • Vehicle and Driver Identification: In Weigh Bridge and in entry and exit gates, the RFID vehicles can be easily traced from a distance. Also, one can easily get the information of vehicle number and driver immediately. This will help to facilitate the entry of registered vehicles into the premises.